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Trolly Material Handling System

Trolly Material Handling System

Standard Features

Manufacture, export and supply all types of Trolly Material Handling System from India. We always have all types of Trolly-Material Handling System readily available from Stock. Following types of Trolly Material Handling System:

  • Top Beam Trolley Towel Looms
  • Top & Bottom Warp Beam Trolley With Harness Mounting Device-Hydraulic
  • Cloth Roll Diffing Trolley
  • Empty Beam Trolley
  • Cloth Roll Batching Trolley
  • Wider Cloth Roll Trolley

Technical Specification

Trolly Material Handling System

  • Slow Start/Stop
  • Trough is entirely built in stainless steel AISI 316
  • The Door of Machine pneumatically lifted & lowered
  • To observe inside of the Machine large windows are provided
  • The Doors and windows are sealed with special gasket against steam escape
  • To prevent dripping of condensate there are steam coils in the hood
  • Dye liquor circulation by means of pump this circuit is used for better leveled dyeing or switching the flow on the spray pipes for more efficient washing or raishing
  • Dye liquor filter outside the machine with large filtering surface
  • Service Tank For dye stuffs and chemicals
  • Semi or Fully Automatic with Microprocessor [On Request]