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Rotogravure Printing Machine

Rotogravure Printing Machine

Standard Features

  • KEW ENGG. & MFG. PVT. LTD. Rotogravure Printing Machine Manufacturer is consisting of unwind unit, printing stations, drying chambers fitted with blowers on individual printing stations. heavy duty and high speed Rotogravure Printing Machine with accurate web guiding system. Different weight for different machines, 6 color, 8 color, 10 color rotogravure printing machine manufacturer, also exporter to all over the Globe with proven records of clients. International Standards of Rotogravure Printing Machines with high standards of flexible printing with various web controllers, web guide system, web aligner, web guiding system .
  • Rewinding station fitted with friction type mechanical clutch system. Each printing station has vertical and horizontal registration arrangement.
  • Registration can be adjusted during running machine. The doctor blade assembly is string loaded provided with lateral oscillation to increase life of printing cylinders.
  • KEW ENGG. & MFG. PVT. LTD. Rotogravure Printing Machines are available in wide range of web width and color configurations, from single color to 10 colors. Details can be furnished on request.
  • The KEW ENGG. & MFG. PVT. LTD. Rotogravure Printing Machines are higher efficiency machines with options of front & reverse printing facility. High Speed Rotogravure Printing Machine with different size per requirement
  • The machines are designed & constructed to meet high standards of flexible printing.
  • The drying system is designed to month high speed printing by printing dryers with heaters & blowers.
  • The machine can be provided with various control systems like web aligner and if you want as per following:

Technical Specification

Rotogravure Printing Machine

 Web width 100 to 1500 MM
 Max. Weight of Unwind  100 to 1000 KG
(Different models for different weight)
 Max. Parent Reel Dia.  400 MM
 Max. Rewind Reel Dia.  400 MM
 Rewind Core Dia.  76 MM
 Motor  2 HP AC / DC Motor (3, 5 HP also available on suitable model)
 Maximum Designed Speed  100 to 150 Mtrs / Min