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Trim Rewinder

Trim Rewinder

Trim Rewinder is used for any winding & unwinding application for guiding the web to reduce the wastages of the material & to get high production output with minimum man power.

KEW ENGG. & MFG. PVT. LTD.  have been manufacturing, exporting and supplying high quality and simple Trim Rewinder Machine. Designed with basic features like easy to use, effectively and efficiently for better profitability. Heavy Duty Equipments for high durability. Together with the PID controls on the trim winder control board, this provides a speed reference for the motion control drive. The system operates to maintain the dancer in a fixed position, thus providing static Inspection Rewinding tension.


  • Pull roll for constant pull during roll change.
  • Winding to minimize waste.
  • Winding of 2 trims on one winder.
  • Winded roll use for making rope.

Standard Features

Trim Rewinder


  • Operation material film/aluminum foil/ paper
  • Side material width 2-20mm
  • Material roll width 420mm
  • Max roll diameter 500mm
  • Operation speed 5-250m/min

Basic Features:

  • User Friendly
  • High quality equipment
  • Designed for Heavy Duty Process
  • Auto tension control Unit
  • International Standard quality with power saving feature
  • Quick react to speed change
  • Suitable for high speed side trimming requirement
  • Auto speed control according to machine speed

1) Standard Features:

  • Fully mechanical controlled traversing.
  • Trapezoidal (Pineapple) winding profile.
  • Cantilevered winding shaft.
  • Closed loop speed control.
  • Traverse winding.
  • Variable traversing rate.
  • Quality engineered and manufactured.
  • Save your Electricity.
  • Keep your floor clean.

2) Optional

  1. Pull roll for constant pull during roll change.
  2. Winding to minimize waste.
  3. Winding of 2 trims on one winder.
  4. Winded roll use for making rope.
  5. Adjuster – 1 pcs.
  6. Air Filter – 1 pcs.
  7. Oil Filter – 1 pcs.
  8. Hydraulic Cylinder size 6” strock – 1 pcs

Technical Specification

Trim Width 5 to 60 mm
Web Thickness 10um to 1mm
Package Diameter 350 mm
Package Width 350 mm
Core Diameter 100 mm
Maximum Speed 500 m/min