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Heavy Duty Drum Type Slitter Rewinder Machine

Heavy Duty Drum Type Slitter Rewinder Machine

All types of Paper Mills & Paper Converters require Slitting of Paper for a different type of applications. Our Heavy Duty Paper Slitting Rewinding Machine comes in use for Slitting of all types of Paper Material like Coated Paper, Ice Cream Cup Paper, Fax Roll, Photograph Paper, Stationery Paper, etc. Our Heavy Duty Drum Type Slitter Rewinder Machine is able to process all types of Paper of any GSM thickness. In our Heavy Duty Series Paper Slitting Rewinding Machine, Rewinding Diameter can be achieved up to 1200 mm.

Standard Features

Heavy Duty Drum Type Slitter Rewinder Machine

We have been successfully Manufacturing, Exporting & Supplying all types of Slitter Rewinder Machine since last 25 years from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, with more than 1400 installations all over India and overseas like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Dubai, Sharjah, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Congo, Kenya, Zambia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Pakistan, Nepal, Russia, Thailand, Indonesia, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Mexico, Canada, etc. We are the winner of 3 times National Award and 2 times International Award for Quality manufacturing.

Technical Specification

Web Width 600mm To 2500 Mm
Unwind Dia Up To 1000mm
Rewind Dia Up To 600 Mm
Rewinding Type Duplex Center Cum Surface
Unwind/Rewind Core 3” Dia. I.D
Min. Slitting Width 50 Mm
Machine Speed 100 To 130 Mtrs/Min.
Roll Weight 500 Kg
Guiding System Pneumo Hydraulic Web Aligner
Unwind Tension Control By Means Of Mechanical Brake
Rewind Tension Control By Means Of Mechanical Clutch
Drive Mechanizom Chain Wheel Arrangement
Drive D.C Drive
Rubber Roll System Both Rubber Roll Operate Mechanically
Blower Section 1 H.P A.C Motor
Material To Be Slitt Stretch Film,Plain Film,Printed Film,Paper,Label Stock,Laminates,Metallic Film,Allu. Foil Etc.

Optional Attachments:

  • Auto Tensio Control For Unwind Unit
  • Web Edge Guide System (Line /Digital Ultra Sonic)
  • Pneumatic System For Arm / Cluch /Brake /Nip
  • Air Shaft For Unwind Station
  • Air Shaft For Rewinder Shaft
  • Four Motor Synchronised Drive
  • Extra Shaft For Smaller Size Of Core.
  • Slip Ring Device
  • Circular Knife Attachment.
 MAX WEB WIDTH 22″ 26″ 32″ 38″ 44″
 MAX CYLINDER DIA 12″ 12″ 12″ 12″ 12″
 MIN CYLINDER DIA 4″ 4″ 4″ 4″ 4″
 MAX PARENT REEL DIA 24″ 24″ 24″ 24″ 24″