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Cloth Inspection Machine

Cloth Inspection Machine

Standard Features

We have been manufacturing and exporting Cloth Inspection Machine from India. Heavy Duty Cloth Inspection Machine with high-quality equipment. We also deal on Cloth Inspection Machine with optional parts like Line Guiding system, Air Shaft, Tension Control System, High Capacity Blower Fan and many more. All type of Inspection Rewinding Machine Manufacturer for Fabric, Paper and Flexible Packaging Material.

  • Easy installation and operation.Most powerful model in pneumatic Cloth Guiders.
  • Easily mounted on adjustable type support.
  • Can be used in vertical, horizontal direction.
  • Suitable or use in dry / wet fabrics.
  • Different material of rollers are provided for special application.
  • Super sensitive web control even without base plates.
  • Suitable for higher speed and broader fabric width.
  • Safely rods are provided render to avoid accident & to prevent damage to rollers
  • Pressure regulating valve with filter & Pressure indicating gauge is provided to adjust the nipping pressure between the rolls for various thickness & tensions.
  • Best performance for Woven, Knitted, Towel fabrics, Jute, Tyre cord, Foils.

Technical Specification

Cloth Inspection Machine

  • Working speed variable 0-50 mtrs. /min.
  • Breaking system for stopping the machine in case of emergency
  • Automatic control of the fabric tension
  • Machine frame in mild steel construction with tie-bars, Guide Roller deposit board.
  • Mechanical counter meter
  • Reversing for full lengt
  • Various fabric input & output options.
  • Applications: Jute, Paper, Film, Foil, Woven Sack, Textile, Tyre code etc., industries.